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Platform functionality – Avoid paying the market spread

One of the main advantages of futures is the fact that they are traded on an exchange. The spread (the difference between the bid price and the ask price in the order book) is determined by all the orders of all the buyers and the sellers.Traders can avoid this spread, and thus increase their profit. The 'Auto Bid' and 'Auto Ask' buttons are the secret weapon to achieve this. A buyer, for example, can click 'Auto Bid'. The NanoTrader platform will place his buy order at the current bid price and will constantly keep it there. Even if the bid price goes up, NanoTrader instantaneously adapts the order to the new bid price. The buyer will always buy at the bid price but never pays the higher ask price. Having paid the low bid price, the position only requires a small market price movement to be profitable.

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Best spread

Trade volatility itself

In a newsletter we highlighted the advantages of trading volatility itself. The Eurex's VSTOXX future is well suited for this purpose. The extreme situations in March pushed the Eurex's VSTOXX future to an all-time high of 89 index points. By the middle of April the VSTOXX stood at levels between 35 and 45 index points. These levels are far away from the 2019 average of 17 points. So up 423%, down 55%. With markets set to remain very choppy, traders should look into trading volatility itself.

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New in the store – Automated Pivot Points

Pivot Points are popular. Over time many different methods of calculating the points were developed. This pack contains: (1) Intraday Pivot Points (rolling points, session points, hourly points), (2) Time frame Pivot Points (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly points), (3) Floor Pivot Points, (4) Wide Pivot Points, (5) Jackson Zones, (6) Fibonacci Pivot Points, (7) Camarilla Pivot Points, and (8) Woodie's Pivot Points. For each calculation method, the important Pivot Range is calculated and shown. A fantastic label function allows traders to label everything in their charts.

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Pivot Points drawing.

New in the store – Automated Fibonacci drawing

The Fibonacci lines are a popular technical analysis element. Drawing the Fibonacci lines correctly and at the right time is not always evident. This tool draws all Fibonacci lines automatically. All popular versions of the Fibonacci lines are included.

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Fibonacci drawing.

Futures handle significant volume increase well

The futures markets (CME, Eurex...) are weathering the Corona storm well. Their systems have been able to cope with a significant increase in order volume. The Mini-DAX future, for example, saw a 700% increase in volume. No technical issues were reported. The futures markets are doing their job.

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Futures markets order volume.

Futures Broker of the year

Facts speak louder than words. Six years in a row voted "Nr. 1 Futures Broker". Open an account and discover how good Freefutures is. It will completely change your trading experience.

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New in the store – More profit per trade

The Profit-lock stop order solves a classic trader dilemma. What to do when you have a position and the market makes a sharp unexpected price move in your favour? Close the position and forego more profit? Move your stop up? But to which price level? The Profit-lock stop recognizes sharp price movements. It puts your stop automatically at the 'perfect' level, effectively locking-in the profit and leaving the door open for more profit.

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Profit lock-stop

New in the store – Intelligent trailing targets

"More profit per trade" is the objective of the sensational trailing targets. These profit targets follow established technical analysis indicators. When the market shoots up, this tool will automatically increase your profit target.

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Increased profit per trade.

Why do Futures beat ETFs?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have disadvantages which many investors are not necessarily aware of. ETFs are often positioned by their providers as an equivalent for Futures. Energy ETFs, for example, can be used to take a position on commodities such as natural gas or crude oil. But...

  • ETFs charge an annual management fee.
  • ETFs do not trade around the clock. They have price gaps.
  • ETFs invest in futures. Invest directly in futures yourself.
  • ETF values are negatively impacted by slippage when their huge Futures positions expire and they need to roll-over their positions.

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ETF versus Futures