Commission-free trading.

Lady Futures Trader.

Your advantages

Save up to € 4.750 per month

  Two all inclusive trader packs

  Essential tick-by-tick quotes

  Award-winning trading platforms

  No inactivity fee

  No monthly minimum

  Up to € 75 in clearing fees credited back every month.

  Trade up to 250 futures/options per month commission-free.

  Leverage possible

  € 10 credited back every month (if you trade less than 10 lots)

Benefit from our legendary service and high-speed order execution.

There are no hidden fees

Order commission Futures 0
Order commission Options 0
Clearing and settlement fee We must apply € 0,30 per lot per side but... we CREDIT IT BACK TO YOU
Order routing fee 0
More than 250 futures and/or options traded in a month € 1 per lot per side on the portion above 250
Exchange fee We must charge the exchange fee and transfer it to the exchange

Choose your trading pack

Traders simply choose between two packs for their trading infrastructure. The pack fee is charged quarterly. Each pack is fully-loaded and only contains top-of-the-range items. Included in both packs:

All trading platform updates  I  Credit back of € 0,30 per lot traded  I  Credit back of € 10 if less than 10 lots traded  I  Segregated accounts  I  Quality depository banks  I  Real-time quotes set-up  I  Access to the trading store  I  Telephone orders (emergency close only)  I  Account summary for tax purposes  I  Account reactivation  I  Password resets  I  No inactivity fee  I  No minimum order volume  I  Low intraday margin  I  Span margin for options  I  (Semi-)automated trading module  I  Permanent real-time demo

Freestoxx broker comparison.

Currently -15% permanent discount: € 169 per month instead of € 199, all inclusive


Free futures trading.

Currently -5% permanent discount: € 235 per month instead of € 249, all inclusive


Futures broker comparison


Real-time quotes FREEFUTURES Interactive Brokers
Tick-by-tick quotes (1)
No (1/2-second snapshot quotes)
Orders books open at the same time
Price levels in order books Up to 20 Up to 5
Time & Sales includes executed order volume Yes No
Time & Sales includes changes in Bid-Ask Yes No
Volume-based trading possible? Yes No
Charts and historical data

Extensive historical data Yes No
Quick-load historical data Yes No
Load historical data without brakes Yes No
Tick charts Yes No
Range bars Yes No
Renko charts Yes No
Point-and-figure charts Yes No
Charts in every time frame Yes No (fixed menu only)

Low intraday margin Yes No
Low span margin Yes No
Various fees

Pay commission to cancel an Eurex order No Yes
Pay commission to change an Eurex order No Yes
Fee to maintain an overnight position No Yes
Monthly commission minimum No $ 10

(1) We cannot sufficiently stress the importance of using real tick-by-tick quotes. Using 1/2 second snapshot quotes such as those provided by Interactive Brokers or Lynx causes many undesired effects.