Free demo account for stock trading.

Your advantages

  All NYSE and Nasdaq stocks

  No order commissions ($ 0,00)

  No inactivity fee

  No currency conversion cost per order

  No negative interest charge

  Order execution at the best available market price

  Leverage and short selling possible

  Free real-time quotes after one order

  Permanent demo account

  Solid depository bank. A broker and not a market maker.

  Save a lot of money

Client experiences Freestoxx.

More services, less costs

This short broker comparison compares zero-commission brokers (Freestoxx, DEGIRO and Trade Republic) and a low cost broker (Interactive Brokers). A detailed comparison is available here

FREESTOXX DEGIRO Trade Republic Interactive Brokers
Commission per order
$ 0,00
$ 0,50
$ 0,00
$ 0,005 / share
Minimum $ 0,00 $ 0,50 $ 0,00 $ 1,00
Currency conversion cost per order 0,00% 0,25% 0,00% 0,00%
Order execution NBBO NBBO Market maker NBBO
Dealing spread (average) + 266%
Real-time market quotes
Free Free
Short selling Yes No No Yes
Leverage Yes No No Yes
Permanent demo account Yes No No Yes

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