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Watchlist is a widget that allows you widget that allows you to create custom watchlists and use available public watchlists.

To start working with watchlists, select one of the available public watchlists or a private watchlist previously saved. Click Create New to create a new watchlist.

The watchlist is essentially a table containing the information on a number of instruments. The table comprises the following columns:

  • Symbol: Instrument symbol
  • Last: Last price
  • Net Chng: Net change
  • Bid: Bid price
  • Ask: Ask price
  • Spread: Spread width in pips
  • Mark: Mark price
  • Volume: Traded volume
  • Description: Instrument description

Left-click on an instrument in the watchlist to display a mini-chart and current Sell/Buy prices. You can click the Buy/Sell button to issue an order.

Figure 40 – Watchlist with mini-chart

Free trading platform and app: watchlists and mini-charts.

Right-click on an instrument in the watchlist to issue a Buy or Sell order, add more watchlists, or create an alert.

Creating a watchlist. This is how you can create your own watchlist that will be listed in Private Watchlists:

Select Watchlist in the Market Dropdown menu.

Figure 41 – Select Watchlist

Free trading platform and app: creating watchlists.

Select Create new from the drop-down list. The Rename List window will appear.

Type the new watchlist name and click Save.

Figure 42 – Rename Watchlist

Free trading platform and app: ready to use watchlists.

Type a symbol in the text field in the top left corner. A table with matching symbols will appear as you type.

The list of matching symbols is a table that consists of the following columns: Symbol, Type, Exchange.

Figure 43 – Matching symbols table

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Click on the desired symbol to add to your watchlist.

Figure 44 – Add a symbol to your watchlist

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