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Expand your NanoTrader Full trading platform with modules, tools and strategies of your choice. Platform items include one hour of personal coaching provided upon request. Click the purchase link. After payment, log out and log in. The module is automatically activated in the platform.


Automated Fibonacci drawing

In theory drawing Fibonacci levels is simple. In practice it is not that simple. Why? Firstly the trader needs to identify a trend. Secondly the trader needs to observe the trend and decide when the trend has ended so he can draw the Fibonacci levels. The automated drawing package solves these two complexities. It identifies the trends and draws the Fibonacci levels and the Fibonacci extensions when it considers the trend has ended.

Fibonacci drawing.

Automated Pivot Points drawing (Pack 2)

Pivot Points are popular. Over time many different methods of calculating the points were developed. This pack contains: (1) Intraday Pivot Points (rolling points, session points, hourly points), (2) Time frame Pivot Points (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly points), (3) Floor Pivot Points, (4) Wide Pivot Points, (5) Jackson Zones, (6) Fibonacci Pivot Points, (7) Camarilla Pivot Points, and (8) Woodie's Pivot Points. For each calculation method, the important Pivot Range is calculated and shown. A fantastic label function allows traders to label everything in their charts.

Drawing Pivot Points.

More profit per trade! – Intelligent trailing targets

This package includes several different intelligent targets, aimed at helping you get the most out of your trade. This new way of profit-taking takes advantage of indicators in order to optimize the exit strategy for a trade. For example, in an unbroken trend, the profit targets are continuously shifted forward in an attempt to stay in the position for as long as possible and get the most out of it. Alternatively, they can be used to define important pivot points as targets and to exit there automatically.

Increased profit per trade.

More profit per trade! – The Profit-lock stop

The Profit-lock stop order solves a classic trader dilemma. What to do when you have a position and the market makes a sharp unexpected price move in your favour? Close the position and forego more profit? Move your stop up? But to which price level? The Profit-lock stop recognizes sharp price movements. It puts your stop automatically at the 'perfect' level, effectively locking-in the profit and leaving the door open for more  profit.

Profit lock stop.

Volume trading – VWAP and TWAP

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is key to all volume trading. It is the price at which all orders were executed, weighted by the order volume. In short, the prices at which the most volume was executed weigh more heavily -are more important- in the average price calculation. The VWAP is most commonly used for day trading.  The package also contains weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and rolling VWAPs.


Connectivity module – Connects third party platforms

Although we strongly recommend NanoTrader, it is possible to connect these third party trading platforms to Freefutures: Atas, Volfix, Ninjatrader, Sierra Charts, Trade Navigator and Multicharts. After purchase, you receive an e-mail confirmation. Forward the e-mail to our support desk. In the e-mail, add the name of the platform you want to connect. We will test the connection and give you the green light.

Purchase for € 299 incl. VAT

Trading platforms for futures.

Release card – Removes margin sanctions

The majority of traders are prudent and respect the intraday and overnight margin rules. Repetitive non-respect of the margin rules leads to an imposition of higher margin requirements either temporarily or permanently. Within limits it is possible to buy a release card. Purchase of a release card allows for immediate removal of the higher margin requirements.

Purchase for € 149 incl. VAT