Commission free options trading

Commission free options trading

Trading call and put options

Options traders choose FREESTOXX because they do not pay a commission when buying and selling options. But there is more to it. Besides saving a substantial amount of money on commissions, numerous other factors attract options traders to the FREESTOXX offer: the service is legendary, support is available from 8h00 to 22h00, the trading app and platform are great for options, we have been an options broker since 1998, and you can rely on a huge and solid depository bank.

When you buy or sell options, you pay at FREESTOXX

0,00 € commission

Tip: Order execution is error-free and lightning-fast.

Writing call and put options

Writing call and put options is possible. Option traders pay no commission when writing options at Freestoxx. Both covered option writing and uncovered option writing is available. The options positions are cross margined with the stocks positions in your portfolio. There are no administrative charges when an option expires.

When you write options, you pay at FREESTOXX

0,00 € commission

Tip: There is no inactivity fee.

CBOE options are subject to various exchange execution, clearing and settlement fees. Due to CBOE policy a commission of $ 0,49 and an exchange fee of $ 0,58 per CBOE option is always applicable.

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  Save lots of money

  Trade stocks and options

  Impressive app and platform

  Legendary service

"Thank you very much for your great brokerage services." – André

The best rates for options

Buy and sell 5 call options at 10,00 $

You pay too much
Commission Conversion
FREESTOXX 0,00 $ 0,00 $ 0,00 $
DEGIRO 26,65 $ 0,75 € x 5 x 2 12,50 $ x 2
Interactive Brokers 16,50 $ 0,65 $ x 5 x 2
5,00 $ x 2

Keep in mind: DEGIRO charges $ 5.00 per month for options access. Interactive Brokers charges a monthly minimum of $ 10.00.

Via FREESTOXX you can buy, sell and write options for FREE.

Direct access to options markets


The Chicago Board Options Exchange is the largest options exchange. It is known for its technology, electronic order processing and innovative options. The options are small so any private investor can get started with them.


The Boston Options exchange is a smaller exchange that tries to distinguish itself by letting market makers compete with each other. Furthermore, this options market has a system by which it tries to offer better quotes than other exchanges.

NYSE Arca and NYSE American

These two exchanges are operated by the New York Stock Exchange. ARCA focuses on the best prices for options traders. American tries to be a deep market, where large orders are executed smoothly.

Intelligent order execution

FREESTOXX sends your order to that exchange where you get the best price.

Renowned trading platform for options trading from FREESTOXX

The app and the web platform are free. Both are suitable for buying, selling and writing options. The app and the platform are comprehensive yet extremely user-friendly.

More than 90 technical analysis indicators are available. More than 10 trading tools have been smoothly integrated. Option combination orders can be placed in a single order

Demo account for options trading

Reference Birger Schäfermeier

Three lesser-known advantages of options

Replace stocks with options

Some deep in-the-money call options mimic up to 85% of a stock's price movement. However, the option costs less than a quarter of the stock price. So you can invest in more stocks with less money. Per position, the return is also better. You realize 85% of the price movement but on a much smaller investment.

Options are better than stop loss orders

Suppose you buy a stock at $ 100 and you don't want to lose more than 10% of your investment. In that case, most investors place a stop loss order at $ 90. If the price drops to $ 90, the stock is sold. But bad news, such as disappointing company results, are usually published outside market hours. There is then a real chance that the stock opens at price well-below $ 90.00. In this case the investor has a loss of more than 10%.

This can be solved with options. The investor who buys a put option on the stock does not have this gap price risk. The put option will increase in value proportionally, according to the drop in the stock price.

Profit in a sideways market

About 70% of the time, the stock market is in a sideways channel. There is no pronounced downward or upward trend. With stocks, you cannot make a profit in a sideways market. Their price varies little. With options, however, you can make a profit in a sideways market. You can also capitalise on time movements and changes in volatility.

Straightforward options trading

With FREESTOXX, you don't need to know the option codes. Enter the name of a stock, and relevant options appear.

Select options via the precise options board.

Find and place option combination order easily via the platform in one click.

Options strategies and options combination orders can be placed easily.

Open an account in only 10 minutes

Commission free with no hidden costs, no inactivity fee, straightfoward option trading.

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