Investing in AI stocks.

Investing in AI stocks

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has begun. ChatGPT, OpenAI and NVIDIA are just some of the familiar names. Cunning investors have clearly understood the importance of this new technology.

Investing in AI stocks is accessible to all investors. FREESTOXX's Stock-Box service makes it easy. Open an account.

The returns on investment

AI stocks

This is the return of the Stock-Box with 8 AI stocks. After just a few months, the returns are already impressive. It is clear that artificial intelligence stocks are soaring.

AI stock investments.

Nasdaq stocks

With a return of over 225% return since 2016, the Nasdaq Stock-Box has been a huge success. Technology stocks remain the strongest sector for investors.

Nasdaq stocks investments.

Open a Stock-Box account if you want to set up and maintain a stock portfolio easily and efficiently.

This is how the AI Stock-Box works

Any investor can work with the Stock-Box service.

1. Every month you receive an e-mail.

2. In the e-mail, you see the stocks.

AI stocks portfolio for inestors.

3. Click the green button in the e-mail.

4. Your portfolio will be updated automatically.

Click once a month for the perfect portfolio.

It couldn't be simpler.

The selected AI stocks

The Stock-Box service works on the principle of momentum.

The momentum principle was discovered by Professor Eugene Fama during his research into the predictability of stock prices. Professor Fama was awarded the Nobel Prize for this research.

Momentum is the only phenomenon that occurs repetitively in the stock market. Stocks that rise sharply continue to rise further. This sounds simple, but most investors take the opposite approach. They sell stocks that have risen sharply and buy declining ones hoping they will rise.

Nobel Prize winner Professor Fama writes:

"You can make a lot more money by buying high and selling even higher."– Professor Eugene Fama, Nobel Prize in economics laureate

Which AI stocks to buy.

Investing in artificial intelligence

The AI Stock-Box portfolio consists of eight artificial intelligence stocks. Nobel Prize winner Professor Fama's momentum principle is used to identify the stocks. Each month, the portfolio is updated. With the Stock-Box service, you can easily and cheaply adopt this portfolio. One click a month suffices.

These are the eight stocks currently in the AI Stock-Box

Nvidia (Ticker NVDA)
Elastic N.V. (Ticker ESTC)
Meta Platforms (Ticker META)
Nutanix (Ticker NTNX)
ASML Holding (Ticker ASML)
Illumina (Ticker ILMN)
Crowdstrike (Ticker CRWD)
Tenet Healthcare (Ticker THC)

The Stock-Box is almost free of charge

The AI Stock-Box service costs € 149 per year. This is a fixed amount. There are no other costs.

How is my AI portfolio automatically adjusted?

After you click agree in the monthly e-mail, your portfolio will be adjusted automatically. All positions start the month with the same size. This avoids overweighting one or a few stocks in the portfolio.

At $ 0.0035 per share, minimum $ 0.89, the order commission is really minimal.

AI investing for beginners

Beginners can also use the Stock-Box service. The method by which stocks are selected is well known. Professor Fama's momentum principle can be found in many academic papers and professional articles.

You can track your AI stock returns in real time.


Spreading risk with eight AI stocks.

The momentum principle from Nobel laureate Professor Eugene Fama.

One click a month to update your portfolio.

The Stock-Box service is almost free.

How to start?

  Open a stock account

  Activate the AI Stock-Box via the store

  Click once a month

Open an account and invest in stocks.

Investing in artificial intelligence via your Freestoxx account.

The next steps

After opening the account, you can log in immediately. Real-time stock quotes and a demo account are available. You will receive an e-mail with information on how to transfer money to your stock account so you can start investing. Visit the store and activate the AI Stock-Box service.

There is also a Nasdaq Stock-Box

The Stock-Box with Nasdaq stocks is the perfect solution for investing in technology stocks.

With just one click a month, you have an up-to-date Nasdaq portfolio.

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