Investing in stocks using the Stock-Box service.

Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks can be easy. The FREESTOXX Stock-Box service does it for you.

+200% return
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Over 200% return

The Stock-Box service has been available since 2016. The return is astonishing.

Investing in Nasdaq stocks.

Buy shares intelligently. Opt for the Stock-Box service.

How does the Stock-Box work?

Invest in interesting stocks in a user-friendly way.

1. Every month you receive an e-mail.

2. In the e-mail, you see the stocks.

Investing in stocks in an automated way.

3. Click the green button in the e-mail.

4. Your portfolio is updated automatically.

Click once a month for the perfect portfolio.

It couldn't be simpler.

Which stocks to invest in?

The Stock-Box service specializes in momentum.

The momentum principle was discovered by Professor Eugene Fama during his research into the predictability of stock prices. Professor Fama was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research.

Momentum is the only phenomenon, which occurs repetitively in the stock market. Stocks that rise sharply continue to rise further. This sounds simple, but most investors take the opposite approach. They sell stocks that have risen sharply and buy decliners in the hope that they will rise.

Nobel laureate Professor Fama writes:

"You can make a lot more money by buying high and selling even higher."

Nasdaq momentum stocks

The Nasdaq Stock-Box consists of these eight Nasdaq 100 stocks. They are identified by Professor Fama's momentum principle. The portfolio is updated every month.

Nvidia (Ticker NVDA)
Advanced Micro Devices (Ticker AMD)
Meta Platforms (Ticker META)
Broadcom (Ticker AVGO)
ASML Holding (Ticker ASML)
Constellation Energy (Ticker CEG)
Illumina (Ticker ILMN)
Croowdstrike (Ticker CRWD)

With the Stock-Box service, you can easily and inexpensively adopt this portfolio. One click per month is all it takes.

Over 250% return

Since 2016

  Expert stock investing

  Impressive returns

  Very low costs

I have questions regarding the Stock-Box service.

Momentum stocks based on the momentum principle.

What budget should I plan for?

The Nasdaq Stock-Box service costs € 149 per year. This is a fixed amount. There are no other costs.

Go to the store to activate the Nasdaq Stock-Box.

  "Your service is a dream. You guys are doing a great job!" – Adam

How is my portfolio automatically updated?

After you agree to the update by clicking in the monthly e-mail, your portfolio will be adjusted automatically. Each position is the same size at the start of the month. This avoids over-weighing one or a few stocks in the portfolio.

At $ 0,0035 per share, minimum of $ 0,89, the order commission is really negligible.

Investing for beginners

Beginners in stock investing can also use the Stock-Box service. The method by which stocks are selected is sound. The momentum principle can be found in many academic papers and on the internet. Just look it up. The stocks are all part of the Nasdaq 100 stock market index. They are well-known, large companies.

You can monitor your portfolio in real time.

Open a Stock-Box account

Automate your stock portfolio.

  Very low fee

  Very low commissions

  Portfolio valuation in real-time

Open an account and invest in stocks.

Investing in stocks in an easy way.

The next steps

After opening the account, you can log in immediately. Real-time stock quotes and a demo account are available. You will receive an e-mail with information on how to transfer money to your stock account.

Then go to the FREESTOXX store and activate the Nasdaq Stock-Box service.

Do you also want to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) stocks?

The AI Stock-Box is the perfect solution.

With just one click a month, you have an up-to-date stock portfolio.

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