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The unique trading journal

Trading Journal allows you to view all trades over the selected period, add notes and labels to your trades and tag them. Trades can be filtered by tags, timeframe, instrument, or asset type.

The information on trades in Trading Journal is presented as a table that contains the following columns, each of which can be filtered and sorted:

  • Instrument: Instrument type (symbol).
  • Date and Time: Position (trade) date and time (in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS     format).
  • Order ID: Order identifier.
  • Side: Order/trade side (Buy, Buy To Close, Buy To Cover, Buy To Open, Sell, Sell     Short, Sell To Close, Sell To Open).
  • Trade Quantity: Trade quantity.
  • Trade Price: Price at which the trade was executed.
  • P/L: Profit or loss.
  • Tags: User-added position/trade tags.
  • Note: User notes.

This is how you can work with the Trading Journal widget:

If you wish to display all trades over a specific period, click on the link next to Time Range in the top panel of the widget. You can select the period from four presets: Today (all trades during the current day), Last Week (all trades during the previous 7 days), Last Month (all trades during the previous calendar month), All History (all trades during the lifetime of the account). You can set a custom time range using the From/To date selector.

Figure 31 – Trading Journal

Free trading platform and app: the trading journal.

If you wish to collapse or expand all trades/positions in the table, click Collapse or Expand buttons in the top right corner of the widget.

To tag a trade, left-click on the entry in the Tags column. You can choose from one of the 5 color-coded tags: News, Impulse, Strategy, Market Event, or Error. You can use tags displayed in the top panel of the widget as filters. For example, to filter all trades tagged as Error, click Error in the top panel of the widget. The table will show only trades that you tagged as Error. If you wish to show all trades again, click Clear All Filters in the top right corner of the widget.

Figure 32 – Adding tags

Free trading platform and app: adding notes to trades..

Figure 33 – Filtering by tags

Free trading platform and app: filter trades.

To add a note to a trade, left-click on the desired entry in the Note column. Type your freeform note in the text field that appears. To jump to the next line, press Enter. To submit the note, press Ctrl + Enter. Your note will then be shown in the Note column. You can also edit or copy the submitted note.


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