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Transfer in and out

As a client you benefit from depository banks with an outstanding reputation and credit rating. There is no charge (€ 0,00) for an incoming transfer. Incoming transfers from another account than your reference account will be rejected. Incoming transfers in any other currencies than USD will be converted to USD. Click here for the complete Freestoxx rate card.

Click here to give a transfer out instruction


Upgrade to the Full Services pack

By upgrading to the Full Services pack you have instant access via chat and telephone to our support staff. The budget is € 9,99 per month, minimum twelve months.

You have many additional advantages...

Free trading with low margin and with leverage.

Transfer in and out

As a client you benefit from depository banks with an outstanding reputation and rating.

Funding the account can be done by money transfer to a client assets account. The cost is € 5. Due to regulatory requirements WH SelfInvest will only accept transfers coming from a bank account in the name of the account holder. Transfers from third parties, including family members, will be rejected.

For your security we only accept a transfer out instruction signed by the account holder(s). Transfer costs are € 5 for amounts < € 30.000 and 0,10% (with a maximum of € 50) for amounts > € 30.000. Use this transfer form to give a transfer out instruction and fax or e-mail it to us.


Make sure these rates don't apply to you

Clients appreciate our very low intraday margins. Most traders act responsibly and respect the margin rules. Traders who do not respect the margin rules will incur these additional charges.

Mailed margin call € 25 per lot
Selling out a position € 25 per lot per side
Remove margin sanctions Buy a margin release card in the store at € 149 incl. VAT

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Freestoxx and Freefutures are services provided by broker WH SelfInvest.

WH Selfinvest S.A. is subject to Regulation (EU) 2019/2033 of the European Parliament and of the council of 27 November 2019 on the prudential requirements of investment firms. A copy of the Article 46 disclosure is available upon written request to the head office.

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